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5 Game Changing Apps Every Traveller Needs in 2016


Chances are your smartphone houses a good number of apps. Some you use almost everyday, others you downloaded for the kids or just because they looked fun, track spending, or tell you when you’ve consumed too many calories. But most likely, many of these have lost their lustre and are causing the dreaded “storage almost full” notification.

However, when it comes to being a regular adventure traveller, apps can be your best friend – saving you valuable time and money. Again, with countless apps out there, they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. This is why we’ve narrowed down the list to our 6 game changing apps every traveller needs.

So, say goodbye to those apps that are collecting dust and add these to your hot list!

Google Translate:

The Google Translate folks recently launched a killer feature for international travelers: “Conversation mode.” Just open the app, hold the mobile device between two people speaking a different language, and listen as it translates a conversation live. No joke! The speakers may struggle to adjust to the lag time and a few mistranslations, but it absolutely beats trying to communicate through hand waving and enunciating loudly.


Instagram took the cake for last year’s photo sharing and exploring app, but it looks like Snapchat will win it in 2016. A simple way to share quick photos or funny videos with friends and family, users can even save snaps and upload them when internet is available.

Sam as Instagram, Snapchat also lends itself to exploring areas and learning more about a location. Some fun accounts to follow include Expat Edna at expatedna; The Hungry Partier at drewbinksy; Travel Sassy at Travel_Sassy; The Hostel Girl at the_hostelgirl.

Pro-tip: thanks to Geotagging, filters for locations can change wildly, ranging from raining money in Las Vegas to graffiti on Long Island. Swipe left on the picture in the application and get those fun filters going.


If you’ve got some serious travelling on the horizon, a currency app goes a long way to keep track of finances. While there are a few options on the market, Currency will spam you with fewer ads than most and allows you to add over 10 different currencies.

No data on your phone? No problem. Just be sure to download the appropriate currency while you have access to the internet, as it can calculate the conversion without data.


For the forgetful traveller, PackPoint provides a checklist of essentials that are needed to be packed, depending on what sort of trip you have planned.

Users can be destination specific, select the purpose of their travel and the length of their stay. PackPoint will then create a list of things that the user should bring, with items such as clothing customized depending on the expected weather for the user’s trip.


This super cool app creates a digital journal of your travels so you can look back on your trips on an interactive map. The app tracks your path, marking a red line along your route; the app also monitors your speed and altitude, making it great for adventure travellers, though it’s just as fun to look back at your route around a city. You can add pictures, video, audio and text along the way, creating a multimedia travel diary you can share.

Source credit: Forbes.com, techtimes.com

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