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All Vacations Aren’t Made Equal: 5 Reasons To Go Custom.

At Wanapitei Canoe we specialize in running private, personalized custom trips or expeditions to a wide variety of locations. We’re happy to run a trip for you and a group of friends, family, business, school or organization.

Every year we provide a half a dozen or more trips and programs for diverse private groups. We’ve done trips for families, corporate groups and businesses, schools, scout groups, photography and painting trips or simply trips for a close group of friends. These could be anything from Weekend Canoe Training, to a 3 Week Arctic Trip or a 10-day Central American Tour.

But why go the custom trip route when you can book one from off the shelf? No muss no fuss, right? The fact is, All Vacations Aren’t Made Equal – here are 6 Reasons To Go Custom!

Explore family heritage:

Buying a pre-packaged trip does have it’s advantages. But when it comes to something as important as getting off the beaten path to explore your family’s heritage, well, nothing compares to a custom trip.


Bringing you closer: 

When life grabs hold, and we’re consumed with life’s daily responsibilities, it’s easy to lose connections with old friends and family members. Organizing a custom trip to include those you’ve lost touch with, is the perfect way to re-connect and create lasting memories. The same applies to strengthening connections with your colleagues – a short team retreat brings people together and clears the mind.


No pressure learning:

Primarily, being a canoe tour company, we know our way around bodies of water all over the world. Whether, it’s a short local group canoe trip, or something that involves some travel, we can teach you and some friends how to handle a canoe in calm waters or even in white water conditions.  Learning together makes the experience stress free and fun!


Vacay on your clock:

When booking a vacation on someone else’s schedule, depending on the location, it can be difficult to make the trip you really want, actually happen. A custom trip means the vacay you want, on your clock – it’s that simple.


Laaaaaid back:

Probably THE best reason to book a custom trip – you call the shots. Especially when you book with Wanapitei Canoe – we move at whatever pace you’re comfortable with (canoe or no canoe). You’re the boss, and decide where we go and how long we stay. So go custom and really get all you can out of your vacation – besides, it’s all about you and having the time of your life.


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